We are aware that some of the newly appointed DDJ induction courses have now been delayed.

This was notified to those affected by e-mail in the last few days, and without either apology or explanation.

We are all aware that those who were hoping to attend the courses had worked hard to achieve their well deserved appointments some time ago now, and in some cases had made arrangements on the basis of the course dates originally given.

I have made strong representations to the newly appointed Chairman of the Judicial College about both the fact this has occurred and the way in which it has been done.  Obviously, all institutions are facing exceptional difficulties as a result of the pandemic, but I have made clear the enormous inconvenience this has caused, as well as highlighting the disadvantages to the judicial system in not having everyone sitting as soon as possible, particularly given the backlog created by the lockdown. She has just been appointed, and it is in no way her fault this has occurred. She is genuinely grateful this has been brought to her attention.

I do want to reassure everyone affected that they are not being disregarded and that the senior judiciary are 100% supportive and extremely grateful to all the newly appointed judges for putting themselves forward and going through the rigors of the appointments process, and are very keen to have you making a contribution as soon as ever possible. The Association will continue to support you as much as possible.

Steven Gasztowicz QC