The Committee surveyed members last year on the question of an increase in the maximum sitting age for fee paid and other judges.

We subsequently provided a detailed response to the MoJ consultation document on the Judicial Mandatory Retirement Age.

We are pleased to say that in line with our recommendations the MoJ has indicated its intention to raise the mandatory retirement age of all judicial office holders, both fee-paid and salaried to 75.

This will enable fee-paid judges to sit up to age 75 if they wish to (but is in no way compulsory), and will also give those who wish to apply for full time appointment more time in which to do so (it generally being a requirement of full time appointment that judges will be able to it at least 5 years before reaching the mandatory retirement age). It will thereby give greater flexibility.

Further details can be found at:

The change will require primary legislation, and may prove politically controversial. The Lord Chief Justice has said that all judges, having had the opportunity to make representations, should now avoid making any public comment on the proposals for that reason.