A survey will shortly be undertaken by the Master of the Rolls of all judges actually sitting in the county court, to enable a picture to be obtained of what is being done during the working day, what the nature of it is, and in what way it is being done. This will include both salaried and fee-paidjudges. Where, for example, remote work of a particular type is not being offered, the comments box may be able to be used to indicate that.

We have pointed out to the Senior Presiding Judge that fee-paid judges are the most flexible part of the judiciary and in many cases will be more used to dealing with technology than salaried judges, which means it would be particularly beneficial to utilise them, but that there is limited work being given to fee-paid judges at the present time.

This survey ought also to show both these things, though we are assured the number of bookings for fee-paid judges isincreasing.

As a committee, please can we encourage all fee-paid judges to complete such forms should they manage to sit, as this is only likely to assist both in the administration of justice and in showing the value of using the fee-paid judiciary