Remote hearings Training

The UK Association of Fee Paid Judges is providing a training session giving practical guidance in managing remote hearings, on Saturday 9 October 2021 (morning or afternoon sessions)

This has been designed for both inexperienced and experienced fee paid judges. 

By the end of the session FPJs will feel more confident• in dealing with the technical and management issues associated with remote hearings• in delivering high quality, fair, hearings and decisions in the context of both remote and hybrid hearings• in taking up vacancies involving remote hearings as much as courtroom hearings.

The training will be delivered remotely (10am – 1pmor 2.15pm to 5.15pm) by a combination of short presentations on issues of importance, followed by discussion groups led by experienced tutor judges working through a case study and the various issues that present themselves.

Those experienced in remote hearings will be able to raise issues they have come across and those who have not conducted remote hearings, or have done so only occasionally, will be able to learn how to do so successfully.

The sessions have the support of both the Senior Presiding Judge and the Judicial College.

The UKAFPJ represents and assists all fee paid court judges (though not those who are purely tribunal judges, who have their own excellent associations) – predominantly deputy district judges and recorders.

Any FPJ may take part in one of the remote hearings session and if not already a member you will be enrolled as a member for the next 12 month period free of charge and can thereafter  decide whether to remain a member or not (normal membership fees are purely nominal).

There are a limited number of places available. To sign up for one of the sessions, please e-mail as soon as possible.

For the morning of 9 October mail to:

Please confirm which session you wish to attend, and state (1) what office you hold (and whether in civil, family, or crime), (2) on which circuit/region, and (3) whether you are currently a member of UKAFPJ or not. 

Places will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis.