Survey Extended

The Master of the Rolls’ survey on civil work being conducted during the pandemic (the subject of a previous notice on the UKAFPJ website) has been extended for a further week, to 19th June.

We have been asked by the MR’s survey group to circulate the following message to our fee-paid members (to whom it is directed, as well as salaried judges):

Dear Civil County Court Judges,


We are sorry to send another email about the survey of Civil County Court Judges.


The Survey was commissioned by the Master of the Rolls and is entirely judicially led. We wish to better understand the nature of civil work currently being undertaken your responses will form a central part of future thinking and planning by the judiciary.

On our recommendation, the Master of the Rolls has taken the decision to extend it by one further week, the survey will now end on Friday 19th of June. This follows a number of respondents requesting an extension as they received details of the survey only recently and others similarly requesting that the link to the survey be re-sent.


We therefore ask that you fill in this survey each day that you complete any civil work in the county court ( i.e. even if a mixed list),  with the last day being Friday 19 June. We are very grateful indeed for all those who have taken the time to fill in the survey to date. The information provided has enabled the profiling of the work of judges in the County Court ; the work that you do, the level of support that you are receiving to do that work, and the scale of the challenges presented by remote hearings.


The link to the survey is here: Daily Survey of Civil Judges.


We well appreciate  that the survey is an added chore to your very demanding workloads (as is being borne out by the responses we have received), but there really is sadly no other way for you to describe what is actually happening. We, the judiciary, need to have your responses in part to ensure we do not end up with unsuitable ways of working.

Thank you for your continued support, we are very grateful, and look forward to sharing our findings in due course


HHJ Barry Cotter QC , DJ Tim Jenkins,  MR’s Civil judges CV-19 survey group